Princess Bee

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When she was very young, her mother suddenly found a white rose on a low stool. She knew she would not live because the White King was dying when the white rose appeared on the soft seat. So she sadly entrusted Bee to the Queen of Laredo Castle, who treated Bee as if she were her daughter and treated Bee as she treated her son, George. The two children grew up and formed a deep friendship.

One day, George and the Bee went out to explore together and got separated at the lake, the water demon caught George, and the Bee came to the little man’s country; she was cared for in the little man’s land, but the sadness of missing George accompanied her all the time. However, the princess always misses George, which makes King Locke very jealous. King Rock, in the scientific well to see the situation of George, hope that he never comes out. But he liked Princess Bee too much; looking at Princess Bee’s sadness, he could not help but rescue George from the crystal prison; when George found the Bee, he discovered that the captive princess was his benefactor, a moment did not know what to do. The Bee was so excited to see George that she warmly expressed her feelings and also sincerely expressed her attachment to King Rock, who was so moved that he held an engagement ceremony for George and the

Bee is on the spot for the Bee’s happiness. Soon Honey Cricket and George returned to the ground, like the hardworking gardener cultivating roses, gypsophila, and peonies, growing the flowers of bravery, modesty, and fidelity, with a happy smile on the Bee’s face.

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