Polite Ant – Manners come first with others

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An ant was about to go to the other side of the river to establish a new family, but there was no bridge over the river. At the moment of crisis, a dead leaf floated down from the willow tree by the river and landed just beside the river. The ant hurriedly climbed up and floated with the leaf to the other side of the river.

“Thank you!” The ant said to the willow leaf with gratitude.

When night came, the ant was shivering from the cold because it hadn’t found an ideal place to stay for a while. When an earthworm saw it, it warmly invited the ant to spend the night in its hole, and the ant readily agreed and sincerely thanked the earthworm.

The next day, the ant was on its way to find a new home, and because it had not eaten any rice, it was thirsty and hungry when a crow gave it a grain of peas, and the ant took the peas and said, “thank you” sincerely to the crow.

When two people passing by saw it, one said, “The ant is so lucky to get help everywhere.”

“It’s not that the ant is lucky, it gets help everywhere because it always says ‘thank you’ on its lips.” Another person said.

The second person’s words revealed the “natural mechanism” of the ant’s good luck. Indeed, people who always say “thank you” are welcomed everywhere they go and receive genuine help from people.

Of course, there are more words than “thank you” to express your gratitude to others, but if you are not even willing to say these two most straightforward words, how will others know your gratitude? Although each person who extends a helping hand to you is not intended to get these two words, if these two words are said by you sincerely, then the other party is still instrumental. Express sincere gratitude to your family; your family returns you with strong affection; express sincere gratitude to your friends and your friends return you with unbreakable friendship; express sincere gratitude to strangers who occasionally lend you a helping hand, your life journey will be smoother.

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