People who think of themselves as zombies – don’t let prejudice cloud your vision.

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A middle-aged man was convinced that he was the embodiment of a zombie. His wife struggled to get him to wake up from this ridiculous idea.

“You’re not a zombie.”

“I am a zombie.” He replied firmly.

The wife asked in a forceful tone, “How do you know you’re a zombie? “

He said, “Of course a zombie knows he is a zombie.”

Seeing that there was nothing she could do, the wife had to enlist the help of her mother-in-law.

“I am your mother, how can I not know I gave birth to a zombie?” His mother asked.

“You don’t know,” he explained, “I only became a zombie later.”

His mother couldn’t resist him, so she asked the priest to come out and enlighten him.

The priest, who always plays the role of a psychoanalyst, spat, “You’re not a zombie, this is just a reaction to a mid-life crisis.”

The brother said with a disdainful face, “Zombies don’t have mid-life crises.”

The priest had to suggest that he go to a psychotherapist.

“You think you’re a zombie?” The psychiatrist asked.

“That’s right!”

“Tell me, do zombies bleed?”

“Of course not,” the man said in an expert tone, “a zombie is a dead thing that moves and doesn’t bleed.” He was feeling a little impatient with this simple question.

“Look at that!”

The psychiatrist casually picked up a needle and poked it into the brother’s finger.

The man looked at his finger and was stunned. After a long time, he finally spoke: “So zombies can bleed too!”

Prejudiced people choose the facts they have and are unwilling to open themselves up to advice or counsel from others. Bigoted people often lose the ability to be curious and skeptical about new things in the first place, and they become increasingly unaware of any anomalies. They do not bother to investigate their causes.

While there will be times when everyone is deaf to the opinions of others, if you have fallen into a closed mind and a self-righteous view, you may have entered a dangerous state – your mind has become rigid. Many capable people are defeated by “prejudice.” Let go of prejudice, and you can see the essence of the problem so as not to have a blind spot in your vision.

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