Penguins and scientific researchers – enjoying themselves in loneliness

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A penguin is walking leisurely on the ice of the Antarctic.
“Hey, your world is always trolling; colours are so monotonous. Don’t you feel lonely living here?” A team member who came to Antarctica for scientific research asked the penguin.
“Sir, I never feel that my days are boring, on the contrary I love everything here. I think of this loneliness as a rare pleasure.” The penguin replied.
“Why?” The researcher was extremely surprised by the penguin’s answer.
“Because in Antarctica, all day long, I am accompanied only by huge, white blocks of ice. In this quiet, pure world, I can realize eternity and the insignificance of the self. And a living being can realize this, it can show that it is open-minded. But you humans, although in the midst of the bustle and prosperity, but there are always lingering worries, resentment, materialistic …… “penguin said. “So, if I stay in Antarctica from now on, can I also enjoy this kind of blessing?”
“Can’t.” The penguin said, “You human beings always have six impure roots; at any time, the mind is ape. Even in the most silent place, your heart is often panicked, busy, and distracted; when you are unhappy, you jump like a thunderstorm, so you humans can never enjoy this blessing.”
Loneliness is not a kind of loneliness but enjoyment and blessing. When we treat loneliness as a kind of enjoyment from the bottom of our hearts, we will never fight for fame or profit; we will never be so calculating over matters as significant as sesame beans; we will never be angry or vengeful for the thoughtless faults of others. If we learn to take loneliness as a kind of enjoyment, life will be a few fewer troubles.

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