Passion melts the snow and ice.

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The situation creates the heart, and the situation is created by the heart. When the heart is cold, the sun is no longer warm; when the heart is hot, the snow and ice will melt.
The following is a college student’s testimony.
After the black July, I didn’t get the good grades I dreamed of, but I could only get into an obscure university, even though my scores were still good.
After half a year, I finally went on winter vacation. When I was at home, my father asked me about college life, and I told him, “It’s really boring, actually.”
My father was a blacksmith. He heard my words; his face has been very stunned; after a long time of silence, he turned around with his thick hands and manipulated large iron pliers from the stove to pick up a piece of iron that was burned red, placed on the iron pad hammered hard a few times, and then thrown into the cold water around.
“Z” was a sound, the water boiled, a wisp of white gas into the air.
Father said: “You see, the water is cold, but the iron is hot. When the hot iron is thrown into the water, water and iron began to fight – they both have their own purpose, water wants to make iron cool, while iron also wants to make water boiling. In reality, how is it not so? Life is like cold water, you are the hot iron, if you do not want yourself to be cooled by the water, you have to make the water boil.” I was touched to hear my simple father say such philosophical words, which moved me deeply.
The second semester began, I reflected on myself and kept working hard, my studies finally picked up a little, and my heart began to grow richer and fuller daily.
No one likes setbacks; no one wants to expect more and gain less. But when you instinctively go about living and pursuing happiness, one of your main goals is to minimize frustration and increase joy. If you do not want to be mediocre and colourless, life “cooled” your fighting spirit; you must use the passion of life, hard work, and sweat to boil the pot of cold water.

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