Panda’s secret – open a relationship account.

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In the animal kingdom, the panda is the most respected by everyone. Even the fussy old fox was highly impressed by it because it was hard to pick out anything wrong with it.

One day, the hedgehog approached the panda and asked it for advice: “Brother Panda, why are you so respected, do you have any secrets?”

“Secrets? No.” The panda replied frankly, “But I have opened a relationship account and kept depositing courtesy, tolerance, gratitude, credit and honesty into it.”

“Is such an emotional account useful?”

“Of course it’s useful, as you can see, I’ve been benefiting since I opened this account.”

By opening an account at a bank, you can save for a rainy day. The so-called relationship account, the storage is to enhance interpersonal relationships indispensable “trust,” that is, others with you a point of “security.” As long as you often pay, the relationship’s deposit account will increase, not overdraft; if you want, there will be an overdraft, and then, even if you make up for it, there will be a rift.

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