Owls in Concert – Keep a Normal Heart

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In a forest, the nightingale and the lark are recognized as singers, and it is a pleasure for the birds to listen to their sweet, melodic songs.
One owl was very dissatisfied with the birds’ adoration of the nightingale and the lark because of their songs. He held a solo concert to show his singing voice and let the birds see his true skills. But the owl knows very well that it is only a bird in the bottom of the singer; just by their singing will not be welcomed by everyone.
So the owl came up with an idea: ask the nightingale to sing for him and the lark to turn the score on stage.
The nightingale and the lark couldn’t resist the owl’s pleading, so they both promised to attend the concert.
The owl’s concert was held in the forest concert hall as scheduled.
However, the next day, the most authoritative newspaper in the animal kingdom, the Animal Kingdom Morning News, published an “editorial” on the front page in red, with this paragraph: “A very interesting concert took place last night, and the bird that was supposed to be the lead singer somehow became the The bird that should have been singing backing vocals somehow became the backing singer, the bird that should have been singing backing vocals was flipping the score, and the bird that should have been flipping the score became the lead singer!”

In life, there are many examples of “cleverness being misplaced.” Keeping a normal heart is the true meaning of life. If you pursue fame and fortune and think of being famous all the time, and you don’t work hard but want to use others to raise your value, this will only worsen things. If you keep a normal heart, you can create a fruitful life.

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