Nurse rabbit smile – do not be stingy with your smile

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Animal Hospital, the director of the hippo, has been the 101st time to receive a letter of praise from nurse Miss Rabbit. Today’s letter, written by Mr. Bear, who was recently discharged from the hospital, contains the following passage.

“Miss Rabbit’s sweet smile, like the winter sunshine, warming my cold ward, I feel much less sick, and extra cheerful mood …… Now I have been discharged from the hospital, but I still deeply miss that period in the hospital, miss Miss Rabbit’s smile ……”
Shortly afterward, all patients voting, Miss Rabbit unanimously voted to be named the hospital’s “best nurse” of the year.

When the goat reporter interviewed Miss Rabbit, Miss Rabbit said, “It’s not that my nursing skills are better than other nursing staff, it’s just that I give more smiles than they do when caring for patients!”
Don’t be stingy with your smile! When you give a smile from the heart, you can harvest a sincere heart.

A kind, friendly, sincere smile is the key to opening your heart to others, the glue to harmonious relationships, and the secret weapon to making each other happy and yourself happy.

Without a smile, life will become bland, boring, and meaningless.

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