No more weak shrimp – do not run away from reality; dare to face

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One day, when the shrimp was playing, it was bullied by the loach. After being humiliated, the shrimp had to stay at home all day, not daring to go out, because in its opinion, staying at home can at least guarantee that the loach will not bully it.
A few days later, the father gave the shrimp some money, saying that the beach was holding a big fun fair, and it could take the money to buy some of their favorite snacks. Shrimp happily accepted the money, but it only walked a large circle in front of the house and then went home; it excused himself that he did not like the fun of lying at home to sleep.
The shrimp stayed home for several days in a row, not leaving the house half a step.
“Son, are you sick?” The father of the shrimp saw his son’s spirits, so he asked with concern.
“Oh, no, just a little more sleepy this time.”
“That’s all the more reason to get out of the house to move your muscles and bones, always stay at home, you will be suffocated.”
After hearing his father’s words, he shrimp to keep his father from being suspicious of him, so he has to go out of the house and to the playground.
At that moment, the loach suddenly appeared in front of the little shrimp and stared at it viciously. As soon as the little shrimp saw it, it turned around and ran home. When it ran into the house panting and shivering, it found its father sitting at home.
“What are you afraid of? Why are you shaking all over?” Father asked.
“I was playing a game with my friend.” Shrimp explained.
At that moment, the loach’s voice came from the house door, “Come out, coward!”
The father took out a wooden stick from behind the door and calmly said to the little shrimp, “Either you go out and face the loach, or you hide at home and get beaten up.”
“I…” the little shrimp hesitated.
The father’s stick fell, and the little shrimp felt more pain than the fists he had received during the fight.
So, the little shrimp stormed out of the house and unexpectedly attacked the mudskipper who was gloating. As the loach did not expect the shrimp would have the guts to rush out, the result was that the shrimp were caught off guard and fled in a mess.

Escaping from reality can not solve any problems, the wisest way is to give yourself courage, face reality. As in the fable of the shrimp, when it gathered enough courage to face the more powerful loach, the winner was himself.
In life, no one can predict what will happen in the future, therefore, in the face of problems or pressure, you can not choose to escape; otherwise, these problems and pressure will wind you up tighter and tighter, the more tired, only to face them, with the sword of strength and wisdom to cut them, you can come out of the shadow of fear, to create a new situation for themselves.

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