Never say no to yourself – the story of the legless Superman

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To many, his survival is a legend. Still, even more, legendary is that he not only survived but became a world-renowned motivational guru whose strength and optimism have touched many people. He is the “legless superman” – John Curtis. When John was born, he was only as big as a can, and in addition, his legs were deformed, and he had no anus. Doctors asserted that the child would not live more than twenty-four hours. The father was even mentally prepared to lose his son, but to everyone’s surprise, the little guy was still alive the next day. At this point, the doctors again asserted that the child would not live more than a week, but to the people’s surprise, he survived the week and stayed alive.
Although he survived, John was a disabled person, and his two deformed legs never came in handy. At the age of seventeen, he had his legs removed. At school, he was often bullied because of his mobility problems, and his wheelchair was often overturned. At that time, he felt that school was hell.
He loved tennis, so his father sent him to tennis training classes. His father only wanted him to have one more hobby. While playing tennis on a skateboard, he dreamed of winning a tennis tournament. His dream was ridiculous to almost everyone, but in 1994, he made everyone who laughed at him gasp in amazement – that year, he won the Australian Disability Tennis Championships. He also won a weightlifting championship because of his incredible arm strength and long history of using his hands to move forward. By chance, he was invited to give a lecture at a university. The first time he appeared on stage to speak, his experience and encounter brought tears to the eyes of all the audience on the scene. After that day, he decided to show his bravest side to others and inspire more people with his efforts. From then on, he started the path of speech. He has become a famous speaker today, and countless people have been touched and infected by him.
After becoming famous, John has a famous saying: Never say impossible.
Words of wisdom
As long as you are confident and hard enough, there is no unclimbable peak in this world.

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