Mr Monkey distributes food – Forgiving others to save others

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One year, there was a famine in the animal kingdom, and the food in the stores was suddenly tense, so even if they had money, the animals could not easily buy food.

One day, the International Animal Red Cross transferred a bag of corn kernels from the field, which was designated to save the old, sick and disabled animals. The job of distribution was given to Mr Monkey.

Early in the morning, Mr Monkey carried the bag of corn kernels on his back and distributed it to the animals from door to door. When Mr Monkey came to the house of an orangutan named Billy, he found that the old orangutan was so hungry that he did not have the strength to grab the branch and fell and broke his left leg, and was now lying in bed moaning.

Mr Monkey hurriedly held out some corn kernels from his pocket; Billy saw them and said gratefully: “Mr. Monkey, thank you, but I am now thirsty and hungry, can you help me find some water?”
Mr Monkey agreed. He put his pockets on a bench in the gorilla’s house, picked up a bucket and walked a long way up the mountain to find a mountain spring. When Mr Monkey returned to the orangutan’s house with a bucket full of water, he saw that the orangutan had fallen asleep and the bag of corn in his house was missing.

Mr Monkey was very anxious because this bag of corn could save the lives of many animals, and many families who were short of food were waiting for it to save their lives.

“Billy, Billy, wake up,” Mr Monkey hurriedly went to shake Billy the Orangutan’s shoulder, trying to wake him up and ask where the bag of corn was.

“What’s all the noise! Who woke me up?” Billy opened his eyes and looked at Mr Monkey, “Hey, old monkey, what are you doing here?” Billy seemed to have completely forgotten what had just happened.
“Billy, wake up, where is the bag of corn that I just put in your house?”

“What corn? I have not even seen the shadow of a ghost, not to mention corn, to have, I would still be hungry limbs?” Billy finished, deliberately, very loudly, patting the dry belly.

“Brother Billy, I know your life is very difficult, plus the leg injury is not yet healed, can not go out to look for food, but have you thought about it, now get a little food is really not easy, ah, like the cattle grandmother, Uncle Ma, they have long been out of food, but they just now refused the corn I gave, saying that they want to leave for the animals in greater need. They now only chew a little leaf and drink a little cold water every day to fill their hunger, they can barely hold on …….”

“I …… I really don’t know who took that bag of corn, I’ve been sleeping.” Billy’s eyes were uncomfortable when he said this, and he lowered his head to avoid Mr Monkey’s gaze.

“Billy old man, I sympathize with your situation, think again about who has come to your house since I left did not? No matter what you did, I will not blame you, now is a very period, everyone is not easy …….” Mr Monkey said sincerely while helping Billy to pound his back.

Billy was silent for a while and finally spoke up and said, “It’s me, I dragged that bag of corn under the bed after I took advantage of you to carry water, I’m really sorry.” After saying that, the ape uncovered the bed, revealing the bag of corn.

When Mr Monkey entered the door to put down the bucket of water, he found a few grains of corn scattered between the bench and the bed and saw that the bag of corn was missing; he understood what was happening. But it knows that in this challenging period, the orangutan did so, but also has no choice. Therefore, it has not exposed the orangutan’s lie, taking care of its self-respect, but with a sincere warning to the orangutan to admit his mistake and voluntarily hand over the corn.

The moral vibration produced by Forgiveness is much stronger than that produced by chastisement. Forgiveness is also a kind of encouragement and enlightenment, which can urge people to abandon evil, turn to good and bring them wayward to the right path. It is not necessary to argue that a person of sound reason, especially someone who wishes to improve his personality gradually, should always be a little generous.
However, in life, sometimes it takes courage to forgive others because we usually think that everyone should pay for the mistakes they make so that they will have a sense of balance in their hearts. Otherwise, we think we are at a disadvantage. However, not forgiving others only makes you suffer more because your heart is filled with hatred, grudges, and anger; these destructive emotions will affect the quality of your life. In this case, it is better to forgive others.

As a philosopher said: “Forgiveness is a noble quality, a noble state, a spiritual maturity, a spiritual abundance, a good medicine.

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