Mouse looking for a wife

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In the mouse family, a haughty and arrogant mouse was so obsessed that he refused to look for a wife from his relatives and kindred.
He went to the sun – the strongest of the strong – and wanted to take the sun princess as his wife. The sun said that he should go elsewhere to find a more powerful – that is, to cover the sun and the clouds that cover the earth. He, the sun, could not pass through the clouds to shine on the planet.
It went to the clouds, and the clouds told it that there was a stronger one than the clouds – and that was the wind because when the wind blew, the clouds scattered.
When the mouse heard this, he said, “Then I will go to the wind, and you keep your daughter.”
When he got to the wind, the wind replied, “You will not find a wife here, for there is another stronger than I – which makes me angry, and yet holds steady against my strength. This mightier one is a high tower; it is tall and large, and I cannot blow it down or shake it in any way.”
“Then I have no more interest in your daughter.” The mouse said and went away again.
So it went to the tower and asked to marry its daughter. The building looked down at it and said to it, “You are wrong. He who called you here is playing a trick on you, for you will find one more powerful than me, and with her I cannot bear.”
“So, who is it?” The mouse asked.
“The mouse, which has built a nest under me. How hard the mud and dust it can chew through. It digs under me and chews me through, and there is no way to stop it.”
“What? Ha! Ha!” said the mouse, “This is strange news: the mouse is my kinsman, and I was going to move up high – and at the end of the day, I have to go back to my own kind.”
“Go home, and learn not to despise your own kind any more.” Tower admonished, “Mr. Mouse, if you do not find a bride among your own kind, you will become a bachelor.”

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