Mother Rabbit Alice – Standing where she should stand

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On a Sunday when the sky was blue and the sun was hot, Alice, a rabbit mother, took her two daughters to the cinema to see a movie.

Alice took her children to the ticket office at the entrance of the cinema and asked the staff inside, Bear, “How much is a ticket, please?”

The Bear replied, “All people over two years old need to buy a ticket to enter the cinema for two dollars, we let children under two years old to visit this cinema for free, may I ask how old your two children are?”

Alice proudly replied, “Our oldest daughter turned two yesterday; our youngest daughter is six months old, so I should pay you four dollars.”

A little surprised, the Bear said, “Yo, Ms. Rabbit, did you just win the lottery or did you pick up a huge amount of money? You could have saved yourself two dollars, and I wouldn’t have seen the slightest difference even if you had told me the older child was a year old.”

Alice replied, “Yes, it’s true that you wouldn’t have seen the difference, but my child would have known the difference. As a mother, it is my duty not to let them learn to deceive others at a young age.”

Mother rabbit Alice’s words also have a positive meaning for us humans. At any time, honesty is more precious than gold; an honest person’s good character will not only bring a good reputation to himself but also influence others subtly. Therefore, whether in life or at work, you have to stand where you should and treat yourself and others responsibly.

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