Mother deer saves her son – the greatest word is “love.”

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One year, the world was in a severe drought, and the hot sun’s heat baked the earth.
On the grassland, there were yellow weeds everywhere. A mother deer with a group of children are struggling to find water; they are thirsty. A few fawns walked listlessly under the scorching sun; their entire bodies were dried up and shriveled up, and it looked like they could not support it.
Finally, they came to a pool of water. Several fawns were excited and kept rubbing their noses against the mother deer. However, the water in the pond was too shallow, and the fawns, standing high up, could not get their mouths to the water no matter how hard they tried.
The mother deer suddenly jumped into the pond after circling the fawn a few times. The water finally rose just high enough for the fawns to drink.
“Love” is not a vow that rings out in the sky, “love” is not the word that hangs on the lips the most, “love” is a silent dedication, and “Love” is a kind of selfless devotion! Facing the mother deer’s leap, who dares to say that only human beings have the glory of motherhood?

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