Monkey manager who couldn’t sleep – good sleep is the energy source.

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After the monkey manager went on an errand to Mount Huaguo, he always felt that his limbs were weak, and when he ate, he thought that the food was not to his liking, and he was angry when he moved; for this reason, his wife also shed tears.
One day, the monkey’s wife picked up a leaflet in the street, which said: “Sleep can cure disease.” She thought, “If that’s true, we should let the monkey manager try it. Because the monkey manager was naturally afraid of injections and medication, he dragged his feet when he was sick.
The monkey manager was persuaded by his wife to find the hospital according to the address provided on the leaflet.
After listening to the monkey manager’s narrative, the specialist who received him affirmed, “Sleep can cure your disease!”
“Then I’ll go home and sleep it for three days and three nights.” The monkey manager said.
“That won’t work, you just need to extend your sleep a little on the usual time, your discomfort is caused by lack of sleep due to long hours of work.”
“But my assistant monkey sometimes sleeps for ten or so hours a day, so how is it weak too?”
“Sleep can cure diseases, but not that the more hours you sleep the better, sleep should also be moderate.” The doctor explained patiently.
After returning home, the monkey manager did as the doctor said and went to bed every night after finishing work early. Sometime later, it felt energetic, thinking a lot more quickly, and the efficiency of the work also improved a lot, eating was no longer fussy, and the smile returned to the face of the monkey wife.
Someone once said, “Sleep is the source of all energy, is the elixir of the sick.” This is true because one-third of a person’s life is spent in sleep; good sleep is a regular repair of the human body, but also to the human function of “refueling,” and at the same time restoring physical strength, clearing the brain fatigue is very beneficial.

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