Miss Tiger gets married – Love cannot be measured in money.

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Northeast tiger is the aristocracy of the animal kingdom, not only rich but also holds the military and political power of the animal kingdom. Therefore, the Northeast Tiger lives a life of arrogance and luxury. Even the lion king also respects it to give way to three points.
A tiger lady from Northwest Asia fell in love with the tiger at first sight and insisted on marrying it as his wife. The tiger’s father persuaded his daughter, “Son, you should consider carefully before making a decision.”
“No, there is no need to think about it, father. Look how handsome and dashing the Northeast Tiger is! And the son of a rich family like it must be well-educated, and I will be happy to marry it.”
“But, my daughter, have you thought about it? We are a poor family, and the northeast tiger is a nobleman. This is not the right family. You should think about it again.”
“Father, you are thinking too complicated. The children of rich people must also have feelings, ah, besides, I love it, it has also expressed love for me ah.”
After Miss Tiger married the Northeast Tiger, the honeymoon is not over. It feels that there is an insurmountable gap between themselves and the Northeast Tiger. It can no longer tolerate the Northeast Tiger in the home of a party. Every day after the court home, Miss Tiger has to change it into civilian clothes, then serve it dinner, and even help it repair nails, and sometimes a little slow, it will attract the Northeast Tiger’s scolding. Once, the northeast tiger raised a sharp claw toward his new wife.
“Honey, don’t you love me anymore?” Miss Tiger asked her husband sadly.
“Love? Don’t be naive! I only love myself. You are just one of my servants …….” The northeastern tiger said and locked Miss Tiger in the new room.
“In that case, then please let me go back to my own home.”
“Go home? No way! In the future, you are not allowed to leave this house half a step, let alone with other tigers outside.”
From then on, Miss Tiger did not expect to get the love of the Northeast Tiger. Even the most basic rights – freedom are gone.
People who have money do not necessarily have cultivation. A person who has good character is not measured by the amount of money he has.
Marriage is based on feelings, even if you are married to a rich man, it is not necessarily a guarantee that you will be happy for life because the object of your marriage is the person, not their fame and status, celebrity and then high, but bad character, you married him, is to jump into the fire.

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