Mice make friends – you can’t know people by their appearance.

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There was a little mouse who had never seen anything in the world, and one day it came home and said.

“Mom, it was so scary just now! I was so scared! I found a vast thing, walking on two legs, and I didn’t know what kind of animal it was. Its head had a red crown, and its eyes were particularly fierce, staring at me. It also had a pointed mouth, and suddenly it stretched out its long neck, opened its mouth very wide, and called out a loud voice. I thought it was coming to eat me, so I ran home desperately.

It was bad luck to meet it because I had just seen another animal first that was cute and much taller, and I would have made good friends with that animal if it hadn’t had a red crown on its head. Its fur was as soft as ours, only gray. It had gentle eyes, kind of like it hadn’t woken up. It looked at me very kindly and wagged its long tail. I thought it was going to talk to me, and I wanted to get close to it, but the big scary animal started whooping and hollering, and I had to run back in a hurry.”

“My silly boy, you did the right thing by running back. The big, vicious animal you mentioned won’t hurt you. It was a harmless rooster. On the contrary, that pretty thing with soft fur is a cat, and it will eat you in one bite, because it is our greatest enemy in this world.” After listening to the little mouse, the mother educated the little mouse.

A person with a pretty appearance does not necessarily have a kind heart. In the future, when you get along with people, you should never conclude that a person is good or bad based on his appearance because there are also some villains among those who are handsome. There are also people of high moral character among those who are ugly. To judge whether a person can become a friend, you must observe his behavior and decide whether to make friends. Do not feel people by appearance; you may be in trouble.

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