Mama horse’s confusion – Eat sensibly, eat nutritiously, and healthily.

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Mama horse’s confusion – Eat sensibly, eat nutritiously, and healthily
In the supermarket, Mama Deer and Mama Zebra were shopping for food on the shelves.
“Yo, why did you pick all the foods with high sugar content?” The deer mother looked at the food in the zebra mother’s basket and asked in surprise.
“My son has a sweet tooth, so every time I come to the supermarket, I pick out something sweet.” The zebra mother said cheerfully.
“But, long-term consumption of food with high sugar content is not good for your child’s health!”
“Who said that? You’re not a doctor! Isn’t it said that what you eat is good for you?” The zebra mother argued.
“No wonder your son has grown up like a ‘Big Mac’ at such a young age.”
“My son is strong, not fat, and besides, it certainly has nothing to do with these foods.”
“If you don’t believe me, you can take him to the doctor tomorrow.” Mother deer said.
Later, when the little zebra came home from school, he told his mother that he was always in bad spirits for some time recently, and because of his obesity, he walked around with shortness of breath and weakness. Zebra’s mother listened and was shocked. Because the son spoke of these conditions, the recent period was also reflected in their bodies. It suddenly remembered the deer mother’s words, busy with her son at the hospital.
What surprised the zebra mother was that she and her son belonged to the typical obesity, and she also had diabetes. Even more difficult for the zebra to accept was that the hippo doctor told them to strengthen nutrition for mother and son because they lacked various vitamins in their bodies.
The mother zebra said in frustration, “I really don’t understand, how can I be sick and lack of nutrition if I am fat?”
“Being fat, is not healthy, and it doesn’t mean that you are rich in nutrients and balanced in your body.” Dr. Hippo said while giving a prescription to the zebra mother and child.
“People are food.” But ” eating” scientific “food” is reasonably beneficial to health.
In the face of the increasing abundance of supermarket food, many people have gone into the “eating” misunderstanding. Either “diet” food, thinking that diet can “diet” out of health, or “sea” to eat, believing that “sea” to eat can eat nutritiously. Unbeknownst to us, it is these two extreme eating methods that have damaged the health of many people.
Eating is a science but also an art. Only eat the right amount of food, eat the right mix of fine and coarse, to let you eat not fat at the same time, but also eat nutritiously, and can eat a healthy.

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