Longevity philosophy of the animal kingdom – to develop good habits

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One day, the lion king was in his palace and hosted a banquet for several old birthday celebrants. During the meal, the lion king left the royal table, holding a glass of wine, ready to toast each birthday boy personally.
When it came to the tortoise, the lion king said, “Old man tortoise, what is the secret of your longevity?”
“Here’s the thing, I swim in cold water every day, then climb up on the shore and sunbathe on the beach, a habit I’ve kept for 800 years. But, Lion King, I’m really sorry, I can’t drink this drink.”
“Well, I can forgive you if you don’t drink this glass of wine.” After the Lion King finished, he went to the goat again and asked it the same question.
“I like vegetarian food and have a varied, but not extravagant, diet. I like to eat grass, leaves, cabbage and turnips, but, please forgive me, I never drink wine.”
“Well, I can forgive you if you don’t drink this wine.” After the lion king finished, he went to the elephant again and asked it the same question.
“I keep exercising every day, go up the mountain to carry wood, and sometimes go down the river to bathe, and like to eat all kinds of fruits, but never smoke or drink.”
“Okay, you can skip this drink today.” The Lion King returned to the table with his glass of wine, “Thank you all for telling me the secret of longevity today. From today, I also do not drink and, like everyone else, I will develop good habits to live a healthy and spiritual life.”
As soon as the lion king spoke, he won a round of applause from all the birthday celebrants.
A philosopher once said, “Habit is either the best servant or the worst master.” Indeed, human health mostly comes from good habits, while diseases mostly come from bad habits. This shows that acquired lifestyle and habits play a key role in human health.
Suppose you can consciously develop good lifestyles and habits, constantly regulate the balance of your psychological and muscular bodies, and make your lifestyles and habits conform to the requirements of physical and mental health, in this way. In that case, you can achieve the purpose of physical and psychological health and prolong life.

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