Little tiger who wants to do something great – his efforts can only achieve success

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A little tiger wants to do something big at all times to have the capital to gain the respect and admiration of all the animals. But he was idle all day long, not doing anything but only thinking about how to get ahead so that all the beasts called him an “empty thinker” behind his back.
Later, the little tiger wandered to the old goat’s house at the foot of the mountain. When the old goat saw that it did not do anything all day, he could not help but teach it a few words.
The tiger cub said, “I don’t want to do anything, but I want to do something big, because I want to make a name for myself, but I can’t find a way to make a name for myself.”
The old goat took the little tiger to the garden behind the yard, then took out a packet of seeds from his pocket and said, “These are the seeds of September chrysanthemums, now you think of a way to make them bloom early and make their flowers bright and brilliant.”
“It’s easy to make them stand out among the flowers, isn’t it? Let’s bury it in the soil, and it will take root and sprout, burrow out of the soil, and bloom beautifully in the autumn.” After saying that, the little tiger plowed the soil and prepared to plant the seed.
“Are you burying them by doing this?” The old goat asked with a smile.
“But how can they germinate and break out if they don’t go through the burying stage?”
“Son, it seems that you already know the way to come out of the ground.”
“You mean ……,” the little tiger had an epiphany.

A seed, you want it to grow, it must go through the process of struggling in the dirt; if you refuse to endure the bitterness of being buried in the ground, want to enjoy the warm sunshine and breathe fresh air, then it will never take root and sprout and grow strong. The only way to emerge is to bury your head. This is true for anyone, whether seed or a person.

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