Little Mouse seeks employment – the road to success is paved with goals.

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Little mouse Dongdong went to seek a job at the cheese company where his uncle Elf Mouse was the general manager.
“Which department do you want to work in, son?” Uncle Elf-Mouse asked the little mouse Dongdong’s opinion.
“Any department will do!” Dongdong said. Because he thought every department of the company was good, he answered his uncle’s question by yelling out.
“Son, you must remember: there is no category of work in the world called ‘whatever’, and the road to success is paved with goals!” Uncle elf mouse said earnestly to the little mouse Dongdong.
Elf Mouse’s words, on your first day on the job, you should keep it in your mind. If you do not set a reasonable development goal for yourself, you will be like a headless fly, lost, will only turn east, hit the west, a lifetime of bumbling in vain to consume the time.

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