Little Merganser’s Strange Encounter – The Greatest Capital in Life is Character

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In the animal kingdom, a fox in business visits his sick father in a hospital and then rushes to an appointment. When passing through the corridor of the hospital, the purse under his armpit fell off, but he did not notice it because he still had the business negotiation plan under his armpit.

After arriving at the appointment, the fox realized that the purse was missing. It was so anxious that it rushed back to look for it because it contained not only a lot of money, but also a business secret about the life and death of the company.

When the fox arrived at the hospital, it saw at a glance, the cold hospital corridor, crouched against the wall of a frozen shivering deer, in its arms clinging to the very own lost the purse.

It turned out that the deer came to this hospital to accompany the seriously ill mother for treatment. The two dependent mothers and children are very poor, sold everything they can sell, the money is still only enough for one night of medical expenses. Without the money, her mother would have to be evicted from the hospital tomorrow.

At night, the helpless little deer wandered in the corridor of the hospital, innocently trying to ask God to help him save his mother by a good man.

Suddenly, a fox coming down the hallway dropped a purse under its armpit on the ground.

At that time, the corridor is only a small mermaid. He went over to pick up the bag and hurriedly chased it out the door, but the fox had already gone far away.

The deer returned to the ward, and when it opened the bag, it and its mother were stunned by the piles of money inside. At that moment, they both knew in their hearts that the money could cure the mother deer’s illness.

However, the deer mother told the deer to send the bag back to the corridor and wait for the person who lost the bag to come back to get it. Mother deer said: “The person who lost the money must be very anxious. The most important thing one should do in life is to help others and to be anxious; the least important thing one should do is to be greedy for unjust money and forget righteousness.”

Although the fox did his best, the deer mother still left the little deer alone. The mother and daughter of the deer not only helped the fox recover the loss of money, but more importantly, the lost and found market information, so that the fox’s business as a day, and soon became very rich.

The fox asked the deer, who had no livelihood, to assist him in taking care of his business. Although the fox has not appointed the deer any actual position, but in the long experience, the fox’s wisdom and experience implicitly influenced the deer, so that it has become a mature business talent in the animal kingdom. By the fox’s later years, many of its intentions to seek the advice of the deer.

On his deathbed, the fox left a surprising will: “I was already rich before I met the mother and daughter of the deer. But when I stood in front of the poor and sick but picking up huge sums of money and did not forget, I found that they are the richest, because they adhere to the supreme code of life, which is what I lack as a businessman, my money is almost all cheating, the secret struggle to get, is that they make me realize that the biggest capital in life is character.”

“I adopted the little merganser neither for the sake of knowing gratitude, nor out of pity. Rather, I invited a role model for being a human being. With it by my side, I will always keep in mind in the business world what to do and what not to do; what money to earn and what money not to earn. This is the fundamental reason why my performance later prospered and I became a billionaire. After my death, all my billions of assets were left to the plum deer to inherit. This is not a gift, but for my business to be more brilliant and prosperous.”

F. Sanders once said, “Character can determine life; it is more important than natural talent.” The reason why the merganser was able to achieve success gradually from an orphan is all because it has good character.

The best character is always revealed in the face of adversity. If someone finds a large sum of money and keeps it for himself, perhaps no one will come out publicly to accuse him, because no one knows he picked up the purse, but in the moral court, he will be condemned by his conscience for the rest of his life, and such a life, what is the meaning of it?

Therefore, in the face of the flying “fortune”, what kind of choice you have, you can show what kind of quality you have, and your quality will determine your success or failure in life!

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