Let out the pain in your heart; don’t let it overwhelm you.

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In our lives, there are all sorts of tastes, and it is necessary to taste all the flavours of life. We all like the sweet side of life, but life will always give us some bitterness, such as the loss of a friend or family member, a career setback, the loss of love, and so on. What do you do when faced with these sudden blows? Pain seems to be a given, but the key lies in how you will face it.
People today are becoming increasingly stoic, and many are used to suppressing their pain inside. The result? It doesn’t make the pain a bit less painful but makes you sink deeper into it. It is not difficult to understand this truth; just like managing floods, the constant use of blockages will only make the floods more flooded. “If you don’t explode in silence, you pervert in silence” is a playful way of putting it, but there is some truth.
Why make it so difficult for yourself? Why not learn to let out the pain in your heart? Everyone should consciously take care of their mind and not let it suffer from pain. Moreover, it is an instinctive reaction when people are in pain, whether they shed tears or rant. What’s more, many people have had the experience that when the pain in their hearts is vented, the pain will pass.
This composer used to say, “I can endure all changes except deafness, and I could never endure deafness.” But when he was in his 60s, the doctors told him the sad news: he had ear cancer and was losing his hearing, and was close to losing his hearing in one of his ears. How did the composer react to the fact that his worst fears had occurred and that it was cancer? At first, he couldn’t accept it and thought his whole life was over. He locked himself in his room and spent his days sighing, unwilling to undergo treatment, and as a result, his condition worsened.
Later, the composer followed his doctor’s advice and began to try writing in a diary. Every day he would write for 20 minutes about his inner worries, feelings, or those people and events that made him angry. As a result, his mood calmed down after a while, and his mind and body became much more relaxed. It was painful to have ear cancer, but when I started writing in my diary every day, it was like a dam had broken ……”. Later, the composer stopped suffering and encouraged himself to pull himself together and cooperate with his doctors. . What calamity can’t be overcome by such an optimistic person?
There is a lot of hopelessness in life, and we will encounter a lot of pain. We can’t adjust the length of our lives, but we can increase the thickness of our lives. You don’t have to live with pain.
In Amsterdam, the capital of the Netherlands, there is a ruin of a 15th-century church with this line inscribed on it: “Unable to extricate yourself from the mire of pain, you can only have nothing to do with pleasure; you have to wave goodbye to pain yourself.” Life is simple; it is a blank canvas in itself; paint whatever you want on it, you can paint pain on it, or you can paint joy on it.
When we look at life as simple, we realize that 99% of the pain in life does not exist, they live in our ego’s imagination; we feel pain because we imagine too many painful things. In an article titled ‘99% of the Troubles Don’t Really Happen’, American author Blake Wood, a World War II soldier, has such an experience.
Blake Wood was a World War II soldier, and his life was pretty smooth sailing. But with the advent of war in 1943, most of the bad things in the world came to Blake Wood almost instantly, causing him to suffer: his business school was in severe financial trouble because most of the boys had been drafted into the army; his eldest son was serving in the military, his life uncertain, and like all parents, he was constantly worrying about his son and blaming the war; his daughter was about to graduate from high school. His daughter was about to graduate from high school and would need a large sum of money for college, but he was in dire straits; to make matters worse, an airport was to be built in his hometown, and his house was to be appropriated, essentially for nothing, at a tenth of the market price.
Because of all this, Blake Wood felt like a stone was weighing on his heart all day. One day he sat in his office and wrote them down one by one and began to think about them again, but there was nothing he could do, so he put the note in a drawer. After a while, everything came to an end, and Blake Wood said: “I suffered for so long, only for the government to start funding training for ex-servicemen, and my school soon filled up; I worried about my son being wounded in the war, but he came back unscathed in the end; I worried about my daughter’s education not coming together, but she was guaranteed a place at secondary school for her excellent grades I was worried that my land would be expropriated to build an airport, but my house was not expropriated because oil fields were discovered near my house!”
See, there are many times when you don’t need to be miserable, learn to look at life a little more simply, and you will find that pain is not worth mentioning and joy is all around you. For example, when your career is in a slump, you can use this time to take a break and spend time with your family; breaking up with your lover is necessarily not a good thing because most of the reasons for breaking up are that they are not suitable and you are breaking up to meet someone better ……
The next time you feel pain, you may want to be more forgiving of yourself; crying is fine, and so is making a scene. The fact is that you will be able to get a lot more than just a few of the most popular and most popular items. In this way, you will no longer have so many complicated thoughts to fill your heart, you will also be able to gain inner peace, and even the bitter days can become sweet.

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