Keep a clear head

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The road is under your own feet, how to go by yourself to decide, single obedience will eventually lose themselves! Believe it or not, it’s up to you!
The story begins at the dinner table; seven or eight men open an annoying wine bottle cork to almost defeat the wine.
After they took turns tossing, now the cork was not up but sunken half a centimetre into the bottle. Some people suggested that the cork should be picked with scissors; others denied it, arguing that the wood is loose and difficult to succeed. Some people suggested that it is best to use a screw into the cork and then pull out with force; still, some people deny that even with a little downward with a little force, the cork will fall into the bottle. Some people think that the best way is to use the spindle against the cork towards the direction of the neck wall of the bottle with a strong plug, and then can be expected to pull out the cork with the cone. People said that although the idea was good, they could not find such a guy.
The result of the toss again is that the cork was not removed but fell into the bottle. The Hans found the result of the matter in a lament – the wine could be poured out.
After many detours, people often find that the original most reluctant to take the road are the best. In this world, the soberest people should be themselves, not others. Isn’t it a sadness that you can’t choose your path?
A hard-working farmer harvested a large pumpkin from his vegetable garden, and he was so surprised and happy that he offered it to the king. The king was so pleased that he gave the farmer a horse.
This story soon became a household name.
A rich man had a brainstorm: How much gold, silver, jewels or beautiful women would the king give me if I offered a big pumpkin and got a horse?
So the rich man offered a valuable horse to the king. The king was equally pleased and commanded his attendants.
“Give to the man who offered the steed that precious pumpkin which that peasant offered.”
Different circumstances create different mindsets. The mindset changes all the time, and it is important to adjust your mindset. The people who want to do whatever they see others doing without thinking about it are destined to do the opposite of what they want.

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