Iron bars, hacksaws, and keys of the contest – with people, the value of “friendship.”

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In ancient times, a heavy lock was hanging on a large, thick city gate, and iron bars and hacksaws wanted to open the lock to show their skills.

“I am so thick, strong and powerful, even if this lock is strong again, I believe that with my strength I can open it.” The iron bar thinks it has an excellent way to believe it can open the lock, so it says smugly. However, it worked hard for most of the day, a little pry, a little whack, a little smash, a lot of effort, but finally could not open the door lock.

The hacksaw laughed at it and said, “You can’t do this, you have to know how to work smart, look at me.” Just see it open up the stance, a while left saw, a while right pull, but the lock does not move.

When they both hung their heads, a hidden key appeared without a sound.

“Why don’t I try?” The tiny key said to the two panting defeated men.

“You?” The iron rod and the hacksaw looked at the flat, bent little thing with disdain and said in unison, “Look at your weak appearance, we can’t do it, can you?”

“I’ll try.” The key said while drilling into the lock hole, only to see the lock “Teng” loosened a little, and then the solid door lock opened.

“How did you do that?” The iron bar and hacksaw asked in disbelief.

“Because I know its heart best.” The key replied softly.

Most of the time, people can not speak and do things to reach each other’s hearts, just like scratching an itch, always finding the wrong place; it not only can not make each other comfortable but also make people impatient and upset.

To interact with people, it is essential to “make friends.” If necessary, gently pluck a string deep inside his heart so that he and you resonate. Once you touch the other party’s most vulnerable and sensitive part and observe his mental state and emotional response, you can quickly soften him. Your words will be like a warm spring breeze to dissolve his cold indifference; all his defenses will be ultimately gently and softly disintegrated. Get close to someone’s heart to open the closed door to their heart quickly, truly understand their inner needs and thoughts, and give attentive, moderate care to quickly get a positive response.

Only a heart-to-heart relationship can create empathy. “Heart-to-heart” means respecting and understanding each other’s true feelings. Those who can’t “make friends” with others will always be outside the door of others’ hearts.

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