Integrity is a ruler; with it, you can measure a person’s moral standards.

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Two women complained to the king over a baby. In front of the king, the two women presented their various arguments, and it seemed that both sides had good reasons, and it wasn’t easy to determine whose baby belonged to whom.
The king pondered for a moment, shook his head, and said to the two women: “You two argue with each other, the king is also confused by you, I can not determine who the baby is. Since you have sued me, I will allow the baby to be snatched, and whoever snatches it will be the one who owns it.” After saying this, he ordered the minister to put the baby on a table, and two women stood on either side, each holding one of the baby’s hands. With a command from the king, one woman hurriedly grabbed the hand of the little child and pulled the baby to her side, while the other woman let go of her hand and let the baby pass.
Seeing this, the king immediately decided and barked at the woman who had taken the baby, “You want to take away someone’s flesh and blood, why don’t you tell me the truth?” The woman was convicted.
It turned out that the king knew that the child’s mother cared about the child differently, so he arranged the above performance so that the impostor woman revealed herself.

Integrity is a ruler; with it, you can measure a person’s moral standards.
The body is not afraid of the shadow, is crooked, is true to adhere to, is evil to abandon, to be an upright person.

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