Humorous Monkey King–Humor can diffuse the tension.

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On a snowy day, the Monkey King decided to go on a tour under Mount Hague. As it is usually kind and helpful, it often helps the people around, so the local people are very fond of it.

When the Monkey King came to a teacher’s house, the older man wearing glasses hastily took out a cup of honey for the Monkey King to drink. Still, he accidentally spilt some on the stool, and the Monkey King only cared about talking with the older man, did not notice, and sat down on the chair with his buttocks.

When the monkey king felt some discomfort, he only to find that the bare butt had long been covered with sticky honey.

At this time, the older man also found the monkey king’s ass on the honey; he froze there and did not know what to do, just anxiously stamping his feet.

In this awkward moment, only to see the Monkey King wipe his buttocks with a handkerchief, then smile and say to Mr Teach.
“Old man, I am really grateful to you so that my butt won’t feel cold because it hasn’t grown hair.”

When you suddenly encounter embarrassment, do not get angry or complain, but you should use humour to defuse the crisis. Engels has said that humour signifies intelligence, education and moral superiority. Therefore, a humorous person, often in misery, will look effortless; joy will look subtle, dangerous when it seems calm, sarcastic when he does not lose manners, and lonely when there is no despair. In social life, you may wish to use humour at the right time, making your relationship with others more harmonious and cordial.

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