Hedgehogs making friends – more simple, less complicated

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The hedgehog is eager to make some friends. When he saw the little rabbit, he was busy showing him friendship. But the little rabbit screamed, spread its legs and ran away.

“Hmph, why do you look down on me? I still think you get red eyes all year round!” The hedgehog saw that the little rabbit did not give him a face and did not want to make friends with him, so he consoled himself.

When the hedgehog saw a little mouse eating corn at a hole, he ran over to it again and expressed his desire to make friends. When the mouse saw it, it jumped up, ran away like an electric shock, and went into the hole in the ground in a flash.

“Humph, why despise me? I still think you are a thief and a thief’s eyes and heart!” Once again, the hedgehog reassured himself.

A gecko crawled past him, and when the hedgehog saw it, he cried out, “Let’s make friends, man.”

“Oh, I’m used to being alone, I don’t like to make friends.” The gecko said, turned to escape, but the hedgehog at once stopped its way.
“You’re lying, I saw you yesterday drinking tea and chatting with sparrows and lizards.” The hedgehog said discontentedly.

But the little gecko did not defend himself but fled as if afraid of getting into trouble.

“Why do they ignore me, did I do something wrong?” Seeing that he could not find a friend, the hedgehog was no longer in the mood to comfort himself and cried sadly.

“Son, you have done nothing wrong, you have no friends because the structure of your appearance is too complicated, your whole body is covered with thorns, those little animals are afraid that you will stab them, so, one by one, they stay away from you.” A passing god heard the hedgehog’s cry and said.

Hedgehogs are unable to make friends because their appearance is too complicated. Therefore, very often, simplicity is more approachable than complexity. There are times when it is better to be simple.

The simpler your personality is, the more unsuspecting people will be of you, and the easier it will be for you to gain hearts and friends. The more complex the personality, the more others are terrified of you to play “tricks” or make a “trick”, so they will try to alienate you, prevent you, or avoid you; the closer you approach them, the more they are afraid, a fear of backing off, so you have few friends around.

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