Happiness doesn’t last; the pain has an end.

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People have their sorrows and joys, and the moon has its shades. Without joy, we do not know what pain is; without pain, we do not know what absolute joy is. In the end, life is a half pleasure and half pain.
So why do we feel that life is too complicated? Ultimately, it is because when we experience pain, we think it is terrible and always think of ways to avoid it; when pleasure comes, we always try to hold on to it. It is because we care too much and are so happy when we are happy and so sad when we are in pain that we get tired.
The truth is that life is simple and uneventful, happy or painful; everything is temporary. Instead of passively following your emotions, you should be comfortable and miserable because happiness is not absolute, and pain is not permanent. If you can think of it this way, then there is no pain that you can’t endure.
The famous saying, “What goes around comes around, and what goes around comes around, and who knows what goes around,” means that happiness and misery are interdependent and can be transformed into each other. They are like two sides of the same coin; they go hand in hand. If you look at everything calmly amid pleasure, you will save yourself a lot of trouble; if you are in pain, you will enjoy absolute delight with an eager heart.
A classic story is: “When a man loses his horse, he doesn’t know it’s a blessing.”
There was an old man in a village near the border whose horse had run away to a hoodlum settlement for no apparent reason, and while the neighbours lamented this, the old man said, “Why can’t this be a good thing?” After a few months, the horse returned with the good horses of the bearded man, and the neighbours came to congratulate him, but the old man said, “How can this not turn out to be a bad thing?” He had many good horses in his house, and his son liked to ride them, and he fell off his horse and broke his thigh, and the neighbours came to console him, and the old man said, “How can this not turn out to be a good thing?” A year later, the Hu invaded the border area, and all the strong men had to take up their bows and arrows and run forward to fight, except for the older man’s son, who was spared from the battle because of his lame leg, and eventually the father and son were able to save their lives ……
See, God is fair, gives us the night, and naturally, there is no shortage of day. A good flower doesn’t bloom often; a good scene doesn’t last forever, a flower is not red for a hundred days, and a person is not suitable for a thousand days. When you are happy, you do not need to be happy because happiness does not last; when you are in pain, you do not need to be sad because the pain has an end.
There is such a person in life who is neither irritable nor desperate in pain but sees the process as an experience to do, to see, to experience a series of things that can be enjoyed. In this way, pain is not a torment, but a different kind of enjoyment, a rare moment of enjoying life from all sides ……
On one occasion, Soren was hitchhiking from a remote rural area to the city when his car suddenly broke down. It was the middle of summer, and the afternoon heat was stifling, so it was anxious. When he asked the driver about the car, he was told it would take three or four hours to fix it, so he walked alone to a nearby river to cool off.
After a refreshing swim in the river, which was cool and refreshing, Sullen felt refreshed entirely by the heat. Afterwards, he lay down in the shade of a tree, looking at the blue sky in the warm breeze and listening to the birds singing, and he felt beautiful. Finally, he had a good night’s sleep.
When Søren returned, the driver had fixed the car. It was nearly dusk by now, so Soren got in the car and drove straight into town in the cool dusk breeze. Despite the half-day delay, Sullen said to everyone, “It was the most wonderful and enjoyable trip of my life.”
When a car breaks down and can’t be fixed sooner, others may complain in the hot sun about how the car couldn’t be designated a minute earlier and agonize over it. Soren used the time to enjoy the river in peace, so the trip became one of his most enjoyable experiences, beautiful and straightforward.
“Life is a pleasure, don’t let the bottle be empty to the moon.” Life is a process of enjoyment; every pleasure and pain is a gift from life; joy can produce sorrow, and misfortune can be blessed.

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