Hanging orangutan – life needs a kind of open-mindedness.

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Orangutans are famous gentlemen in the animal kingdom, all day suits, wearing white shirts tied with a beautiful bows, and access to a variety of high-end consumer places. But Mr Orangutan is very vain, a small blow will be easy to fall, but it does not realize this.
Once Mr Orangutan and the fox prince play billiards, Mr Orangutan all the way ahead, as long as he gets a few more points, will be able to win. At this time, Mr Orangutan found a fly landed on the leading ball; it waved the fly away. However, as he leaned over to hit the ball, the fly returned to the top ball. Mr Orangutan got up again to the laughter of the animal spectators to chase the fly away.
The pesky fly was ruining Mr Orangutan’s mood, and worse, the fly seemed to be intentionally working against Mr Orangutan; as soon as Mr Orangutan returned to the table, it flew back to the leading ball, causing the surrounding animal spectators to laugh.
Mr Orangutan was in such a bad mood that he finally lost his mind and angrily hit the fly with his cue stick. The club touched the leading ball, and the referee awarded Mr Orangutan a hit, thus losing Mr Orangutan a round.
Mr Orangutan then lost the next round, and Mr Orangutan’s opponent, Prince Fox, got braver and braver, catching up with and overtaking Mr Orangutan and finally taking the championship.
The following day, the animals found the body of Mr Orangutan in a big tree, and he hanged himself!

Open-mindedness is a kind of tolerance, is a kind of bravado, is a kind of energetic, but this tolerance, bravado, active life, not cynical, not to mention self-loathing; but a sort of thought on the light load, know this, we will not seek to live; will not be frustrated after, wandering disillusioned; not to be frustrated after, give up on life.

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