Grey Monkey Travels – Insulting Others Often Takes Its Shame

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One day, the Lion King decided to send a messenger to the Dwarf Kingdom for the sake of peace at the border. The ministers knew that the king of the Dwarf Kingdom was arrogant and bullying and was afraid they would be in trouble if they went there, so none dared to go forward to receive the order.

“Alas, is it possible that there is not a single loyal minister in my animal kingdom? How have I been treating you all?” The Lion King said with a long sigh.

“Great King, I am willing to go on a mission to the Dwarf Kingdom.” The king’s palace guard, the grey monkey, knelt and asked for permission.

“You?” The lion king shook his head and nodded inexorably.

When the grey monkey arrived at the Dwarf Kingdom, the people of the Dwarf Kingdom saw it was tall but naked with a tiny ass, so they all mocked it. They said that the animal kingdom was so poor that the minister of the animal kingdom did not even have a decent dress. After hearing this, the grey monkey did not make any arguments, and it came straight to the king’s palace of the Dwarf Kingdom. When the monkey entered the court, he saw the king of the Dwarf Kingdom powerfully sitting in the castle.

As soon as the king saw the grey monkey, he laughed and said.

“Is there no one else in your animal kingdom?”

“My king, our animal kingdom is so prosperous that if each of them plucks a hair from his body, the sky will look like snow; they wave their sweat and it will look like pouring rain, so how can we say that there is no one in our animal kingdom?”

“If there are people, why don’t you send someone who is well-dressed and has a sense of shame? You, as the ambassador of the animal kingdom, came naked with your little buttocks, don’t you people in the animal kingdom have a sense of shame?”

“This, my lord, you don’t know much about it. Our animal kingdom has rules for appointing ambassadors to countries: talented, dignified and well-dressed wise men are often sent to meet dignified and talented kings; incompetent, unattractive and without a sense of shame are sent to meet incompetent, unattractive and unashamed kings. And I am the only person in our animal kingdom who is incompetent, has no appearance and has no sense of shame, so the lion king sent me to meet you.” After finishing these words calmly, the grey monkey looked at the embarrassed king of the Dwarf Kingdom and laughed out loud.

To respect others is to respect oneself. Treating others with courtesy is a virtue; respecting others is the only way to gain respect.
In the interaction with people, no matter the other party’s status, you should politely receive him, not bully others, and not mention foul language. Do not wantonly insult and make fun of others; know that people who insult others often make their humiliation and finally make them down.

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