Greedy wolf and fox – money can sometimes be a killer.

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The wolf and the fox were walking on the mountain road. When they saw the old goat running out of a forest in a panic with a basket of herbs on his back, they hurriedly stopped the old goat and asked, “What’s wrong with you? Is there a devil in the forest?”
“The thing I saw is more powerful than the devil; it can eat people.” The old goat warily finished and was ready to run wildly.
“Please tell us, what is that thing? Can it really eat people?” The wolf and the fox caught the old goat one after the other and had to ask what it was.
“It’s a pile of gold bars.”
“Where is it?” The wolf and the fox asked at the same time.
“It’s under that big boulder in the forest.” The old goat finished speaking and ran away.
The wolf and the fox immediately ran to the forest, found the big boulder, and found a pile of gold bars under the boulder.
“This stupid old goat!” The wolf said to the fox, “It has gone so far as to describe the gold, which is as precious as life, as something that eats people.”
The fox nodded to show that he agreed with the wolf’s view of the old goat.
“Let’s think of something. If we take the gold bar back in broad daylight, it is certainly not safe, and we must take it home quietly in the dark. Now, let’s leave one of us here to guard the gold bar, and the other go home to get the meal.”

The fox agreed. It spread its limbs and ran back to its cave to prepare dinner for itself and the wolf.
At that moment, the wolf guarding the gold bars thought, “What a pity that half of these gold bars will now be divided among the foxes, so I can’t have them all to myself. No, I must think of a way to kill the fox before it comes so the gold bars will all be mine.” Thinking of this, the wolf secretly broke a thick branch and prepared to hit the fox on the head with a stick when unprepared so that the fox would surely die on the spot.
When the wolf was thinking of ways to get rid of the fox, the fox, who was preparing dinner at home, was also thinking, “If there is no more wolf, doesn’t the pile of gold bars belong to me alone?” So it sprinkled some poison on an old cooked hen. Thinking, “The wolf is most fond of eating chickens, and when it sees it, it will definitely pounce on it and eat the whole chicken in three times, and then it will have a poisonous attack …….”
The fox carried the poisonous old hen to the forest happily, and when it was close to the big boulder, it suddenly heard a “whoop” behind it.
“Hum, you foolish fellow!” The wolf came out from behind the tree with a wooden stick, stepped on the fox’s body with his foot, and said, “Don’t blame me for being cruel; it’s those gold bars that killed you.”
“This chicken smells so good, I’m really a little hungry.” The wolf picked up the old hen and ate it with a big mouthful.
After a while, the wolf felt his chest stuffy, followed by severe pain in his stomach, and only then did he know that the fox had already done something to the hen, but it was too late to regret.
Before he died, the wolf said brokenly, “What a right thing the old goat said!”
There is a kind of knife that kills without blood in this world, and that is money. Unfortunately, in modern society, the tragedy of the wolf and the fox is still being repeated by human beings. Everyone is afraid of the devil, but they do not know that what is more powerful than the devil is human greed. Greed often makes people crazy, losing them; they are finally killed by greed.

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