God tests all animals – breaking the chains of the mind

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God chose a leader among the animals to better manage the animals on earth as his assistant.

The animals all understand: who became the leader, the king of the beasts under one person, above all others. So, one by one, fist-pumping, eager to try, and even more, directly to the self-nomination letter to Taibinxing, asking him to pass to God.

God saw the letter of recommendation; I think all the beasts have their strengths; no matter who is chosen, they will be defeated. So he decided to examine them; the winner would be the king. When the beasts heard about it, they felt that it was the only fair way and agreed to it.

On the day of the competition, God brought all the competitors to a large pool filled with white liquid and said, “This is the ‘Dead Sea’, which contains water that is highly poisonous, but you must jump in and swim quickly to the opposite shore, otherwise you will die of poisoning. Whoever swims to the other side first, the crown of chief will belong to him.”

The animals in the competition froze when they heard this. The elephant first said, “Dear God, my trunk is particularly itchy today, so I will not participate in the competition.” After saying this, the elephant quietly stepped aside.

“Well, honorable God, I don’t have any hair on my buttocks, and I’m afraid that after I jump into the ‘Dead Sea’, the sea water will be too cold and I will catch a cold.” The monkey finished and slipped into a tree.

“Swimming is not my specialty, and I’m not quite capable of managing, I think the position of chief should be left to those who have both virtue and talent.” The boar finished and lay down on the shore to sleep soundly.

God looked at their ugly, angry, and was about to get angry, but did not think that “flutter”, the lion had jumped into the “Dead Sea”, only to see it dance limbs and swim quickly to the other shore.

“I want to let you buried in the ‘Dead Sea’, after no one is smarter than me, the king of the beasts, I do not belong.” The fox thought with pleasure in his heart.

It turned out that the fox pushed the lion from behind and fell into the “Dead Sea”. In the moment of falling into the “Dead Sea”, the lion also despairs. Still, it thinks: “Instead of staying in the ‘Dead Sea’ and waiting for death, why not swim hard to the other side, there may be hope for life.” Thinking in this way, the lion suddenly felt more relaxed, it turned the fear of death into the motivation to live, and in a few moments swam to the other side.

In the applause of the animals, God himself put on a golden crown for the lion.

“The ‘Dead Sea’ is not filled with venom, but with milk.” God took the lion’s hand and laughed loudly, “I just wanted to test your courage, but I didn’t expect you to be scared out of your wits before you went into the sea, and have already lost to yourselves psychologically, so are you still qualified to be king?”

“I was pushed down by someone secretly. When I first fell into the water, I was also afraid, but I thought the same is dead, might as well fight for my life, no more baggage in my heart, I easily swam to the shore.” The lion just finished, and the fox will be ashamed to pin the tail and slip away.

So is life. Sometimes we lose, not because we are not as skilled as others, but because the mind is not as good. You can shake off your difficulties and embrace success by breaking the shackles of the mind and completely abandoning the invisible chains that bind your mind.

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