God meets – happiness and joy are in the heart

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It is said that a long, long time ago, there was no joy or happiness to be found in humanity. Although humanity has been searching for pleasure, it has always been fruitless. Why did this situation arise? It turns out God met with the angels when He created man.

“In addition to giving mankind wisdom, I also wanted to give them joy. But happiness is sometimes more important than wisdom, so it cannot be given to them lightly; otherwise, no one will cherish it. But where is the better place for us to hide the secret of happiness and joy in life?”

“Hide it in a high mountain, so that it must be difficult for man to discover it, and much effort must be put into it.” One of the angels said.

God listened and shook his head.

“Hide it in the depths of the sea, so that people will not find it.” Another angel said.

God listened and still shook his head.

“Bury it in the land, which is the easiest place for man to overlook.” An angel in charge of managing the land said.

God listened and still shook his head.

“I think it is better to hide the secret of happiness and joy in the hearts of human beings, for people always look outward for their happiness and joy, and no one ever thinks of digging for this secret of happiness and joy in themselves.” Another angel answered.

God was very pleased with this answer.

Since then, the secret of happiness and joy has been hidden in everyone’s heart.

Happiness and joy originate from within us if we are good at digging. Each of us has the resources to make ourselves happy, such as a positive attitude towards life, the virtue of kindness and charity, the spirit of devotion and love, and so on. These qualities are not difficult to find in ourselves, but some people do not use these “happy and joyful resources”. To cultivate a happy and peaceful state of mind, we must first have satisfied thoughts and behaviours to become happy people.

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