God and the donkey – affection trumps everything.

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God said to a donkey often abused by his master, “I want you to go to heaven and enjoy yourself. Your master is so cruel that he has an endless supply of wheat to grind daily and withholds your feed. That little mill is a hell for you.”
“Yes, it was. I’ve wanted to leave this hell for a long time. Thank you so much, merciful God.” The donkey said, leaned down, picked up the young donkey, which had just given birth, and prepared to follow God into heaven.
“No, you can’t take the baby with you. I just promised to let you go to heaven to enjoy the blessings. You still have to leave your child in the mill.”
“But it is still too young, so how can I leave it behind? Besides, even if it is now a full-grown donkey, capable of supporting itself through labor, I can’t leave it in this hell and go to heaven to enjoy it alone!” The female donkey finished her sentence and hugged the young donkey tightly.
“You’d better think about it again. This is your only chance to ascend to heaven if you let go of your child.” God said a little impatiently.
“I would rather stay in hell for the rest of my life than separate my flesh and blood to go to heaven.” The mother donkey finished, put down her child, and silently pulled up the heavy mill again.
How can a donkey be like this, and how about us humans? In modern society, many people look for various reasons to enjoy themselves, completely forget their responsibilities, indifferent to family love, and even forget the way home.
Cherish your affection, and take care of your affection. Even if your life is full of suffering, you are still the happiest person in this world because you have the priceless treasure of the world – affection.

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