Goats and elephants fight – don’t be a villain who stirs up trouble

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In the animal kingdom, goats and elephants fight over a piece of grass. When no one convinced them the “battle” was the most intense, a passing giraffe saw it, so he went up to pull away the “battle”. They were in full swing.

Afterwards, the goat found the passing giraffe and said: “The elephant is too unreasonable, it relies on the thick legs and long trunk, bullying me, snatching my grass. I found that piece of grass first; how can I give it up? This ugly, long-nosed guy, I have to use my horns to break his belly the next time I meet him! The more the goat said, the angrier they could not help but scold the elephant in front of the giraffe.

When the goat quieted down, the giraffe smiled and said, “Friend, I think you may have misunderstood the elephant, yesterday I ran into it, it also said to me that it was wrong to do that day, has been trying to ask your forgiveness, but because of the face, a little embarrassed, and it also praised your horns, said that the pair of horns on top of your head is really beautiful. “

After hearing the giraffe’s words, the goat felt ashamed and thought, “It was actually my fault last time, I shouldn’t have taken that piece of grass all to myself, and I must apologize to the elephant when I see him in the future.”

A few days later, the elephant also found the passing giraffe and said, “The goat is too domineering, although it found that piece of grass, but it has no right not to let me eat, that is our common home, not their private garden. Humph! Next time I meet it, I will roll it up with my trunk and throw it up into the sky and drop it to death!”

Then, the elephant scolded the goat with a lot of dirty words. The giraffe did not say a word; they just quietly listened. When the elephant was tired of scolding and quiet, the giraffe smiled and said, “Friend, I think you may have misunderstood the goat, yesterday, when I met the goat, it said to me, that day it did not do well, it would like to ask you to understand, forgive its rudeness. But in order to save face, it was too embarrassed to come to you directly, and it also praised your long trunk in particular, saying that it was beautiful and that no animal could compare with your tallness and majesty.”

The elephant blushed after hearing the giraffe’s words, and it lowered its head, embarrassed, and said, “Well, it was my fault last time, I shouldn’t have grabbed grass to eat with it, I should have behaved with grace.”

Later, the elephant and the goat met again by that piece of grass. This time, they never fought again but lived together in peace, giving each other the best grass.

When our colleagues around us have a conflict and come to you to talk about it, can you use your wisdom to help them reconcile cleverly, just like the giraffe?

When colleagues come to you, you should quietly listen to each other to finish, rather than rushing to “advise” each other, not to say bad things about the other party to make him angry, but properly praise each other, and then incidentally mention the other party, as well as the friendship they once had. In this way, the confidant’s mind can be calmed down. In addition, in doing “warm-hearted people”, we should talk about the method, not pry into the privacy of others, but put ourselves outside the conflict, from the standpoint of the mediator, to solve the problems of both sides of the conflict. Finally, the two sides of the conflict should be treated differently, according to their different ways of thinking in choosing the wording, to understand the “one key to open a lock” so that purposeful, targeted to do work is bound to get twice the result with half the effort.

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