Goat and Fox’s Choice – What’s Important Isn’t Always Expensive

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The animal kingdom named the goat and the fox “Outstanding Persons of the Year.” In recognition of their contribution to the animal kingdom, the lion king ordered the goat and the fox to come to the palace to receive their rewards.
“In recognition of your contribution to the animal kingdom, I am giving each of you a special gift, the gift is in my treasure room, you can go in and pick it out, but remember, each of you can only pick one.” The Lion King said.
The goat and the fox came to the treasure room.
The fox saw a box of jewelry, the eyes of the big. It picked east and west and finally chose a gold brick on his shoulders; it thought, this gold nugget is enough to spend my life.
With his hands behind his back, the goat paced around the treasure room and finally fixed his eyes on a sizeable golden gourd. “Yes, that’s it.” After saying that, the goat picked up the gourd and walked out of the treasure room.
“Goat, you can think well, gold and silver jewelry you do not want, just really want to hold a gourd home? Now to change is still too late.” Standing aside, the lion king reminded.
“Thank you lion king, I like this gourd very much, for me, it is more important than any jewelry.” The goat said.
The goat and the fox said goodbye to the Lion King and prepared to go home together.
“Hey, man, what do you need a gourd for? Is a gourd as important as a gold nugget?” On the way, the fox kept complaining about the goat.
“The gourd is certainly not as valuable as the gold nugget, but it is indeed more important to me than the gold nugget.” The goat said.
The goat and the fox were on a small boat together, ready to go home. When the ship reached the center of the river, it suddenly capsized by a big wave. The fox refused to let go of the gold nugget in his arms and ended up sinking to the bottom of the river with the chunk, while the goat held the gourd floating on the surface and swam smoothly to the other side of the river.

The value of what is useful to you is not necessarily valuable. But what can help us out of a difficult situation is often those items that are easily ignored and despised.
At every important juncture in life, we are often faced with a variety of choices, and your choice is often related to your fate. Therefore, when you need to make a choice, you must be careful and try to choose something that can help you in difficulties, rather than nice, valuable but non-functional items.

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