Gecko’s mother teaches her son – the meaning of life is love.

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On a summer night, the gecko crawled into the corner to hunt for mosquitoes.
Suddenly, a snake bit it from behind and grabbed its tail. The gecko twisted its body and broke free from the snake, but unexpectedly its tail was bitten off by the snake.
The gecko escaped to a safe place, looked in the mirror, and saw the broken tail bloodstained, their seat without the appearance of being very ugly. It was painful in its heart because it was previously known as the most handsome young man among the geckos.
The gecko could not accept the reality of his physical disability; it used its last bit of strength to climb a high wall, ready to jump to its death; it no longer wanted to bear the shame of this broken tail.
“What do you want to do, old man?” A bat found the wall and was about to jump the gecko, but it was busy to stop it said.
“I just want to jump down and be done with it. I have lost my beautiful tail and no longer have the courage to live.” The gecko said, ready to leap.
“You can’t find a way out.” The bat spread its wings and blocked in front of the gecko, “you die, for you, is a relief, but for your parents, brothers and sisters? They will have to endure the pain, far more than the pain of your survival. Your choice to die is an extremely irresponsible act. The pain that belongs to you, you should stand up to bear, whether it is life or death, you can not add them to those who love and care for you, because love is never wrong! Live, in your most unbearable time, you just have to do just to live is enough, death is just a temptation, it is not your inevitable choice. You can give up anything, but not life!”
To live is a responsibility. For every person, to live is the most fundamental and complete repayment to those who care for them. Life not only belongs to us. Therefore, we who do not have the right to choose to live do not have the right to decide to die, not only because of morality and conscience but, more importantly, because of love. Love yourself and love others so that the true meaning of life can be manifested.
Imagine a person who does not even love himself will have a kind heart to others. Will he love others sincerely? Only those who love themselves know the preciousness of life, learn how to cherish life, and love others.

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