For the animals who don’t want to work – execution is more important than anything else

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The lion king appointed the tiger as the prime minister, responsible for supervising the daily work of all the officials of the animal kingdom; the monkey was in charge of raising winter food, responsible for leading his family to harvest corn, sorghum, potatoes, etc., to prepare the food for the animal kingdom for the winter; the fox was responsible for organizing a hunting team to ensure that there was enough meat for the lion king; the elephant was responsible for cutting down trees to build a house for the winter, otherwise, when the snowstorm came, everyone, The goats are responsible for harvesting grass .
When all the work was finished, the lion king thought proudly: “We can have a good year in the animal kingdom this year. Everyone is actively working hard, and when winter comes, no one will suffer from hunger and freezing.”
The next day after the assignment of tasks, the Lion King’s chess addiction came to a head. He ordered his orderly officer, Zebra, to say, “Quick, go and get Tiger; I want to play chess with him!”
“But, honored king, the tiger has gone to supervise the work of the hundred officials.” The Zebra cautiously warned.
“Bastard, is it important for me to play chess or for the tiger to do his job?” The Lion King was furious.
The Zebra had to go to the tiger. The tiger was not working as the zebra thought. It was lying under a boulder, sleeping.
The Zebra nudged the tiger awake and conveyed the lion king’s order to him. The tiger jumped joyfully, thinking, “Playing chess is much easier than supervising others.” Then he went into the “king’s palace” to play chess with the lion king.
This was three days, and the tiger had already forgotten all about the supervision of the beasts.
Seeing that the tiger went into the “palace”, the animals lost supervision and immediately relaxed their work progress.
The monkey thought: “I’ll collect food for the winter later. I can take this opportunity to rest for a few days.” As soon as he thought of this, he and his family of “people” put down the work at hand and began to play the game. And at this time, the field of corn and sorghum have long been ripe. Suddenly, one day after a rainstorm, corn and sorghum are off to the ground or sprouted or mouldy.
The fox accepted the task and did not even take their hunting team to hunt, but while the tiger was napping, he led the hunting team to the dwarf country to travel.
The elephant accepted the task, thinking: “After a few days and work is not too late, I first go to the river to take a bath.” So, it led its partners to a faraway place to find the river.
The goat grass is not prepared; it is only in the freshly painted new house, ready to welcome its bride.
Surprisingly, the winter came early this year, but the lion king did not think; he thought he had already done a variety of preparations, and we could all live in peace a winter.
After a heavy snowfall, the tiger came to the lion king to report an emergency: “Dear king, our animal kingdom has suffered an unfortunate event.”
“Why are you so panic-stricken? What unfortunate thing has happened?” The lion king was highly puzzled.
“There is no more food,” stammered the tiger: “The animals that eat ‘meat’ have long been cut off, even the The animals that eat ‘grass’ have already run out of ‘grass’, and the goats are no exception. fruit’ animals at home even the kernels are gone, the monkey family is even more so. What’s worse, their houses have no wood repair, can no longer withstand the wind and cold.”
“But didn’t I get all the work done in the fall?” The lion king was puzzled by the doom facing the animals. It muttered to itself, “I am so well formulated that there is no way this will happen!”
Indeed, the Lion King’s various plans were perfect, but a critical link was missing – implementation! Without implementation, any system, no matter how excellent, is just a piece of paper!
From this fable, we can get the following inspiration.
Execution is more important than anything else. The success of any organization is bound to be the success of implementation, and the failure of any organization is bound to be the failure of performance. As Bill Gates said, “The challenge Microsoft faces in ten years is execution.”
Execution is essential to individuals. Without execution, there is no success! Without execution, everything is a pipe dream! Without execution, there is no future for development!

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