Flies and Butterflies – Friendship should be about quality, not just quantity

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A fly proudly bragged to a butterfly, saying.

“Look, how well liked I am! I have so many friends, while you have only one little bee.”

“Indeed, you have more friends than I do, but they are either cockroaches, mosquitoes or bedbugs, none of them of noble quality, so mankind abhors you and has made you the object of elimination. I, on the other hand, am only a small bee, but it can make sweet honey, which can benefit mankind. Think about it, should you feel proud of you or me at this time?” The butterfly replied.

People often say, “One more friend, one more way. In fact, this is a little too absolute. More friends may be good, but if you make friends who are some “villain”, then such friends can bring you wrong, in addition to what can not give you, so the more such friends are, the more significant the harm; and a friend of high quality, but also may make your quality of high up.

Having “quality” friends will be a good thing in your life.

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