Flash marriage” of horse couples – the right one is the best.

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In the marriage agency of the animal kingdom, the horse sister from the Mongolian steppe and the hippo brother from the south met.
“I’ve been divorced for six months and now I live with my two-year-old daughter. Because of the healthy growth of the child, I want to find a father for it, and of course, I am eager to have an old partner who lives and dies with me.” Ma said to the hippo boldly and straightforwardly.
“I …… my wife died six months ago, leaving no children behind.”
“If you don’t mind, I can think about it.” Sister Ma said. Compared with the straightforwardness of the big sister Ma, the big brother hippo is like a big girl; there are a few coy.
“I think you should get to know each other a little better before making a decision on whether to get married.” Seeing that Big Sister Ma and Hippo were straight to the point as soon as they met, the marriage agency’s monkey wife kindly reminded them.
“No need to think about it, I think this is it!” After she finished, she pulled the hippo brother, who still wanted to say something, out of the door of the marriage agency.
By the custom of “marrying a chicken follows a chicken, marrying a dog follows a dog,” after the marriage, Ma Da-she came with the hippo to its hometown – Doze River.
“What are you doing here?” Sister Ma saw the hippo brother to the water’s edge, jumped straight down, scared shouted. At the same time, its daughter, Miss Ma, was so shocked that she hugged her mother’s neck.
“Honey, what are you still standing there? Come on down, this is our home!” The hippo brother thought Miss Ma was pampering herself and finished with a jerk into the water.
Sister Ma, with her daughter on the shore and so on, has been no sign of the hippo, and hungry and thirsty mother and daughter had to find some grass at the river to fill their hunger. Until the sun was in the west, the hippopotamus brother returned to the shore; it flung the body of the water beads while saying: “What happened to you two mothers? Make me wait in the water for most of the day. My friends all want to see you, this is good, you …… you are too disgraceful to me.”
“You will find a reason, the mother and daughter hung out on the shore, waiting for you in vain for most of the day. Now not only did not hear you half a word of comfort, but also by your reproach, you look like a husband, like a father?” Ma Daqi crossed her waist, locking her eyebrows, revealing the toughness of the grassland.
“You …… you don’t get angry, come on, I’ll show you around.” Hippo sees Ma’s big sister angry, busy going forward to make amends.
At night, the hippo brother also took Ma Da’s sister and daughter around; Ma Da’s sister and daughter were sleepy, so they said, “Honey, where is our house? After walking all day today, we are sleepy and want to rest early.”
“A house? I soak in the water all day long, and only go ashore to eat some grass or reed leaves when I am hungry, so I don’t need any house at all.”
“You don’t have a house? No home? Why didn’t you make it clear in the marriage agency? You’re a liar!” Sister Ma slapped her thigh and burst into tears.
“Mom, at this moment in the grassland, the moon is in the sky, and you used to take me with you at this time, counting the stars in the sky through the window. I miss our Mongolian steppe, I miss the green grass …….” Miss Ma saw her mother crying, so she threw her arms around her mother’s neck and said sadly.
“Today, today is the first day of our honeymoon ah! It should be a day of great joy, you two mothers even cried out, to give me bad luck, is not it?” Hippo’s brother said in annoyance, “And, you …… you also called me a liar, you are the liar! You know that we hippos like to soak in the water, if you really can’t swim, why did you marry me?”
“I didn’t know you liked to soak in the water!”
“I also didn’t know you had to live in the house at night!”
The next day, both couples realized that arguing wouldn’t solve the problem, so they decided to sit down and discuss it.
“We have lived in the north since we were children, used to running on the endless prairie, hungry, green grass everywhere; thirsty, go to the stream to drink water. We are used to the life there, you’d better go back to the Mongolian steppe with us.” Sister Ma pleaded with Brother Hippo and said.
“No, I have my habits too. We have lived in the river for generations, and only went ashore to eat something when we were hungry. The conditions here are ideal for my survival, you two stay, I will build a house for you as soon as possible.” Hippo’s brother also pleaded.
Sister Ma saw that the hippo brother was not bad-hearted, just different habits from their own, they decided to stay and live with the hippo brother.
However, over time, the hippo brother will forget his original promise, not to mention building houses, even the time to go ashore is less and less. If not hungry, they must go ashore to eat grass; Sister Ma is also difficult to see. Sister Ma even feels that, although they now have a husband with no husband in the past, the situation is similar; the daughter only has a nominal father, but the hippopotamus does not give real fatherly love, even play time with it very little. And they left the prairie, always feeling empty in the heart; after all, there are their roots ah!
One day, the horse sister took advantage of the hippopotamus to graze on the shore with her daughter to find it.
“Honey, I was looking for you, too.” Brother Hippo said to Big Sister Ma.
“Oh, yeah?” Big Sister Horse had a few moments of indifference.
“Are you not feeling well?” Brother Hippo thought that Big Sister Ma was sick.
“Yes, it’s inside.” Big Sister Ma nodded her head.
“Then …… that, from today on, I will teach you mother and daughter to swim every day, okay? That way, our family of three can always stay together to share the joy of heaven!” Hippo’s brother was a little excited.
“No, there can’t be a day like that. You know very well that, after all, our habits are different and we simply cannot live together. Most importantly, after the marriage, we didn’t get that happiness we expected, so I decided to return to the Mongolian steppe with my daughter.”
“No, no, my dear, you can’t leave me.” The hippo opened his arms and took his wife and daughter into his arms.
“I know that you have us in your heart.” Sister Ma gently pushed her husband’s arm away, “But neither of us can change our habits, nor can we change them at all. So, instead of both sides suffering, it’s better to break up sensibly now.”
Many remarried families do not live happily or even break up again; one of the reasons is the remarriage of people in the reorganization of the family and the lack of in-depth understanding of each other caused by.
Remarriage should be careful, do not “quick war” to “mutual bottom” to be honest, and tolerate each other’s weaknesses, understanding, and sympathy, which is the foundation of restructuring.
In addition, remarried should be a psychological adjustment, do not have too high expectations before marriage, and do not idealize the wedding; these factors will also make the remarriage of the two sides because they can not meet each other’s high standards, lack of sufficient understanding of the rift.

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