Fawn and Antelope – Make Room for Friendship

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The deer on the east mountain and the antelope on the west are good friends. Every time they met, they would give each other some delicious food, and they always had endless conversations with each other.

Later, both the deer and the antelope felt that as soon as they were separated, they began to miss each other and wished to see each other as quickly as possible. So, they decided to live together to spend every day together happily.

However, soon after the deer moved home to the western mountain, they suddenly became distant from each other and even began to pick on each other’s problems. Finally, after a verbal argument, the two best friends fought.

“Ugh, what’s wrong with you guys? When you don’t live together, you always think about each other; now you’re close, but you’ve almost become strangers! I don’t understand you two!” Their neighbor, the goat, sighed.

There is beauty in the distance. Nearby, both sides are exposed to each other’s eyes; the mystery is gone, no more ties, more contact, more friction, and conflict, and it becomes normal to turn against each other. Many times, between friends, is not the closer, the more “iron” relationship. On the contrary, you can often remember, often a blessing, often hanging on, is precisely thousands of miles away from the people.

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