Fat gorilla and thin monkey – good mind, good fate

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One day, the lion king of animal kingdom A ordered two salesmen, a fat gorilla and a skinny monkey, to go to animal kingdom B to sell beer. Although the weather in B is hot, the animals there are not used to drinking beer. Even the king of B also thinks that the taste of beer and their urine taste similar, so he issued a decree not to allow foreign beer into their territory.
When the fat gorilla saw this phenomenon in B, he immediately became disappointed: “The animals here don’t drink beer at all, so how can they come to buy my beer?” So he gave up his efforts and returned home in frustration.
The skinny monkey, on the other hand, could not help but be pleasantly surprised to find that no animal here drank beer and immediately reported the news to the king: “No animal here drinks beer, and the king issued a ban on drinking beer, that means there is no manufacturer of beer in the country, and our beer will have a big market here.”
The skinny monkey personally went to see the king of land B and stated to it, “Beer is a kind of liquid bread with high nutritional value, and although it is light yellow in colour, it is comparable to the jade liquid jelly drunk by the Jade Emperor in heaven and suggested that it might be worthwhile to let the tortoise and some other ministers try it “
B land king was thin monkey words impressed, agreed to let the turtle chancellor and a group of ministers try to drink. The tortoise had been the ambassador of land B to visit land A and had seen the happy life of the people of land A, drinking beer and dancing. Therefore, it soon made its “stomach” accept the beer and like it and successfully persuaded the king to lift the ban on drinking beer.
Later, all the animals in the B area slowly liked to drink beer. The skinny monkey finally opened up the sales and established his manufacturer in B. He was awarded the Lion King.

In fact, there is not much difference between people. The Creator gave everyone the same mind and limbs, the same ability to think and act, and also gave each person a fair 24 hours a day. But why are there many people who can achieve success, who can overcome all difficulties to build a successful career, and some people who cannot? What is the secret of success?
On this question, the world-renowned potential master Anthony Robin answered this way: A different mindset makes a different end to life!

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