Facing reality and ideals rationally.

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Once upon a time, an elder gave two hungry people a gift: a fishing rod and a basket of fresh and large fish. One of them asked for a basket of fish, and the other asked for a fishing rod, so they went their separate ways. The man who got the fish on the spot with dry wood to build a campfire to cook up the fish gobbled it down hard, not yet tasting the fresh fish meat, and in a flash, even the fish with soup he ate up, and soon, he died of hunger next to the empty fish basket. Another person continued to starve with a fishing rod, step by step challenging to go to the sea, but when he saw the blue ocean not far away, his body’s last bit of strength also finished; he could only bashfully with the endless regret of the earth.

Two hungry people; were also given a fishing rod and a basket of fish from the elders. But they did not go their separate ways but agreed to go together to find the sea; they both cooked one fish at a time, and they went through a long trek to the sea; from then on, the two began to fish for a living, a few years later, they built a house, have their own families, children, have their construction of fishing boats, live a happy and healthy life.

A person who only cares about the immediate benefits will get a short-lived pleasure; a person with lofty goals also has to face the reality of life. One can become a successful person by organically combining the ideal and reality. This is a simple truth and the actions that an ideal becomes a reality.

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