Elves and people – those willing to give love can get love.

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In ancient times, in a kingdom full of elves, an unexpected guest came one day, and I heard that the guest was a person.
The elves were excited because they had seen everything, but not people. They did not know whether people were kind, ugly, cultivated, or rude and ignorant. They also did not know if people would fight and curse.
So, a group of elves, after discussion, decided to test the characteristics of the human.
The first elf came, and he saw the man taking a stroll.
“Greetings!” The elf greeted the person politely.
“Hello!” The man smiled kindly.
The genie ran back happily and said to his companions.
“People are very kind, very friendly and polite.”
The elves didn’t quite believe it, so a second elf came back to try.
“Bastard! You fool! What are you doing here in our land?” The second elf asked with hostility.
“Nothing! You want a beating, don’t you? Then, come on!” The man replied coldly and then swung his fist.
The second elf went back in exasperation and said to his companions.
“Man is a rude, hostile, and cruel brawler. Let us destroy him!”
At this point, an older man among the elves was willing to go to the last try.
“My son, you are standing here alone. Don’t you need my help?” The old genie asked kindly.
“Thank you, old man. I’ve come for a walk. I’ll be back in a while. You don’t have to worry about me.” The man said gratefully and then bowed deeply toward the old elf, showing his respect for the other side.
The old genie slowly walked back and said to the many genies.
“Man is the mirror of his other.”
As the old genie said, “Man is the mirror of his other.” You give what you get. You give friendship. You get care; you sincerely offer roses, you get love; you give sweat, and you reap rich fruits.
If you want to get the love of others, then you must take the initiative to love others; if you’re going to get the respect of others, then you must take the initiative to respect others. Only if you give first can you reap something.

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