Elf Mouse’s Secret – Those who die to save face often lose it.

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In the Universal Cheese Company of the Animal Kingdom, the Elf Mouse was awarded an excellent employee for five consecutive years.

During a rally, his good friend, the little gray mouse, asked him.

“Older brother, to be honest, your work performance is obvious to everyone, it is not the best ah, but why are you rated excellent every year?”

“When the leader criticized me, I never immediately refuted him and defended myself, right?” The elf mouse took a sip of wine and asked the little gray mouse. The little gray mouse nodded.

“However, not refuting to his face does not mean that I have abandoned my principles. Whenever the leader criticized me for misunderstanding, I would beg to see it privately afterwards, when it was at peace, to explain it clearly. In this way, I gave face to the leader and got back my innocence for myself. So, the leaders of all sizes like me.”

“That’s a great move!” The little gray mouse crossed his thumb and said admiringly, “And how do you please all your colleagues?”

“Pleasing! Who have you seen me, please?” The elf mouse took another sip of wine, “That’s not pleasing; that’s sincere praise because…
Because no one does not like to be affirmed by others, take the last incident of the mouse, it alone developed a new project, a success, except me; none of my colleagues congratulated it. I congratulated it in public because I sincerely admire it; it can overcome many difficulties, independently develop a new project, and prove its unique strength and ability. But when I left work that day, I purposely rode home with it in the car, and on the way, I told it that its aloof and noble character should be changed because we all have our strengths, and if it can unite with everyone, its work can indeed achieve tremendous success.”

“So, did the mouse listen to you?”

“Of course, the mouse said it was very grateful that I praised it in public and that I could point out its shortcomings in private. So, we have now become ‘iron buddies’ as well.” The elf mouse finished and took another happy sip of wine.

When you give others face, you are giving yourself leeway and leaving yourself a way out.
At any time, you can’t be aggressive for the sake of face, or return the favor with a tooth; only by treating others with tolerance, while adhering to your own principles of being a human being, you will gain face for yourself will giving face to others.

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