Elephant and frog – surpassing others is the only way to win applause for yourself.

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In the animal kingdom sports meeting, the frog’s long jump posture is beautiful and light, and it won the championship to the audience’s applause.
When the elephant saw it, he was very unconvinced while he was envious. It approached the chairman of the competition jury and said he was willing to compete with the frog and believed he could take the championship from it. The chairman of the jury agreed to the elephant’s request.
The long jump competition started again. The frog crouched in front of the sandpit and leapt, breaking its record, and once again, the audience burst into thunderous applause.
When it was the elephant’s turn, it thought, “The frog can jump far because of the squatting body; I have to squat too.” So, the elephant made a solid downward force, trying to make the limbs bend. But I did not think his body was enormous; the body did not squat but fell heavily to the ground. The audience saw this and had a lot of laughter. The elephant was busy getting up from the ground, and after catching his breath, he decided to pose again and start jumping again. But because it wanted to imitate the frog’s movement, it squatted down again, disregarding its actual situation. This time, the body was barely hunched, but at the same time, “click” sound; the elephant had not jumped and fell to the ground, only to see it covered the left leg, moaning in pain.
The hippo doctor said that the elephant’s left leg was fractured, and it could not jump again.
If a person does not have the spirit of innovation and imitates others in everything, he cannot give full play to his creativity, let alone fully use his unique potential.
If your imitation does not break through the self but follows the same steps as others, it will only attract the ridicule of others, and only when you surpass others can you win honour and applause for yourself.

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