Don’t shed a tear for what you’ve lost.

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Often, we get upset about unacceptable things in our lives, such as a mistake at work, something stolen, a blocked drain, etc. Although we may complain and nag, the problem is already there and cannot be undone, so if we dwell on it, we are not doing ourselves any favours other than distracting and distracting ourselves and may make things worse.
One day he took his son, who had reached the age of eight, out into the woods to hunt. As luck would have it, they caught a single fawn just as they entered the forest. The fawn was so lively that the hunter tied it up with a rope, and his son took it home first. The son happily led the fawn along, and when he passed a river, he took the fawn to drink, but the fawn escaped from the rope and ran away. The son rushed after the deer, but how could he outrun a wild deer? So he sat behind a big tree and sighed, crying as he thought of how to explain to his father.
Time passed, and when the hunter was ready to return home in the evening, he found his son by the roadside, his eyes swollen with tears. When he learned the reason, he asked his son, “Have you been sitting here crying?” The hunter shook his head helplessly, pointed to some footprints near a tree, and asked his son, “What do you see there? ” The son was stunned, but it turned out to be the footprints left by the deer! The hunter said to his son, “You were only thinking about the lost deer, but you missed a herd of deer!”
Sometimes, we do silly things like picking up sesame seeds and losing watermelons; sometimes, the sesame seeds are not picked up, and the watermelon is lost. Such things become a cause of remorse and make us feel remorseful and regretful; however, we can’t solve any real problems just by fighting with our past, not to mention that time has already put an end to our yesterday, so there is no need to dwell on it.
If we let go of what we have lost, today will be easier because it will all be over.
Rabindranath Tagore has this quote in The Birds of Prey: “If you shed tears when you miss the sun, then you will miss the stars too.” Indeed, if you lose it, you lose it, and you can’t cry back. Instead of wallowing in the pain and suffering, even more, let go of the loss, don’t let the loss get to you, focus on the present and the future and move forward with one eye on the future.
Let’s share a story called ‘Don’t Cry Over Spilt Milk.’
Dr. Paul was a teacher in a secondary school in the United States. During his tenure, he noticed this problem – many students in his class were upset about the results that had come out. They were always worried after handing in their exams, fearing that they had not done well and would not pass the exams to the extent that it would affect the next stage of their studies. To enlighten these students, Dr. Paul gave them this unforgettable lesson.
On this day, Dr. Paul gathered these students in the laboratory and, in the middle of giving them a lecture, he placed a bottle of milk on the table and then fell silent. The students looked at their teacher in disbelief, wondering what the milk bottle had to do with the lesson. Suddenly, Dr. Paul stood up and slapped the milk bottle onto the floor. The students were amazed and commented that it was a shame to waste milk like that.
At this point, Dr. Paul said, word for word, “Don’t cry over spilt milk! I want you to always remember the truth that the milk has run out and no matter how much you lament it, there is nothing you can do to get a drop back, and it is a labour of love and a distraction that does no good at all. And what we have to do now is very simple: forget about it and pay attention to the next thing.”
The milk spill is a fact of life, and no amount of pain will help; God is not going to spare our tears. The only thing we can do is to do the next something well, and only then can we overcome our misfortunes and change our future. Life is not so complicated; it is often so simple – forget the faults and accept the reality.
Here is another true story.
Wang Biao was a collector of antiques, almost to the point of obsession, and whenever he came across an antique he liked, he would try to get it. One day, Wang Biao spent a lot of money in the antique market to buy a porcelain basin that he had long desired; he strapped this treasure on the back of his bicycle and rode home happily. Who knows? Riding halfway, I suddenly heard a “bang” porcelain basin from the bike seat slipped down to smash.
He thought Wang Biao would jump off his bicycle and lament over the shattered pot. But he didn’t expect Wang Biao didn’t even look back and continue to ride forward. The passerby was puzzled and quickly pedalled a few times to remind Wang Biao that the basin had been broken. Wang Biao didn’t even look back and said to the enthusiast: “The sound must have shattered! I look back and what is the use of it! If I lose it, I’ve lost it, so it’s no use crying out for help, why bother?”
Many things are not diverted in life by man’s will; “lost is lost, and how to cry out to heaven and earth will not help.” Although the porcelain was Wang Biao’s favourite, when he learned that the porcelain was broken, he did not choke, was saddened, and did not even look back; this is not the loss of the spontaneous tear mentality so that his life is franker, more straightforward.
He did not shed tears for the loss; he accepted the reality before him, his heart was free, and his life was free.

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