Don’t make a joke out of others.

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The ancient people have a clear warning: “Words hurt people, better than a knife and a gun.” Many people often take pleasure in “mocking” others, and some hosts of variety shows tease guests who fail to pass the competition as “stupid” or ridicule the contestants for their “ugly” looks. Although some of them are joking, they always make people feel inappropriate; after all, “sarcastic,” “ungenerous” criticism of speech will make the listener unpleasant; serious, as the murder of the victim of the bloodshed, the general, was killed, regret too late. Therefore, the ancients said: “the death of a family, words accounted for eight points,” seems to have its truth and calls people to have to be careful.
The conflict of words sprouted the case of killing; not only will we happen here, but other nationalities will also hear.
There is a “food columnist” in Paris, France, who often in the article in particular praises of a restaurant or severely criticism of certain restaurant dishes. On one occasion, the columnist commented “like pig food” about a restaurant’s food in his column, which angered the restaurant owner. The owner invited the food columnist to try the “exquisite and delicious food” afterward, but the food expert turned pale after eating it and fainted, dying in the hospital. After being arrested and taken into custody by the police, the restaurant owner confessed to “setting up a poisoned feast” and said, “Anyone who criticizes our food as pig food deserves to die!”
This is jaw-dropping, “columnists” have to be careful when writing, just as you speak; if the words are too sharp and thin, too much criticism may also “get into trouble.

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