Donkeys who like to imitate others – it’s best to be yourself.

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In the mill, two donkeys were whispering.
“We are animals with flesh and blood and life, just like people, but what gives people the right to make us pull loads and push mills all day long, and to eat straw and drink cold water.” A donkey said angrily.
“Yes, we are really unlucky.” Donkey B said, stirring his hind legs in anger (of course, nothing was stirred).
“I don’t want to spend my life pulling loads and pushing mills.” A donkey said.
“Listen to my father, the reason why people have the ability to master us, because they have a brain full of wisdom.” Donkey B remembered what his father had told him as a child.
“You are such a fool, people have brains, don’t we have brains?” Donkey A finished and held its head up proudly.
“You have a point too.” Donkey B slapped his head, “By the way, I discovered the difference between people and us, and that is surely the key to their ability to master us.” Donkey B was thrilled with his discovery.
“Come on, tell me, what did you find that makes humans different from us?” Donkey A’s emotions were also running high.
“Legs, definitely legs. Humans have only two legs, but we have four! Rightfully so, humans thought we could carry more weight than them and run faster than them, so they started to rule us.” Donkey B said excitedly.
“So how can we turn around and conquer the humans in the future?” Donkey A was impressed by Donkey B’s discovery.
“It’s not that simple? We cut off our own two legs, and we’ll be just like them?” Donkey B said he picked up the knife and cut off his two legs. When Donkey A saw Donkey B rolling around in pain and wailing loudly, he hesitated, but when he thought that the temporary pain could be exchanged for the permanent conquest of humanity, he picked up the knife and cut off his two legs.
The master heard the donkey’s wailing and rushed over. When he saw the four broken legs on the ground and the two donkeys already dying of pain, he understood what was going on in his heart.
“You two foolish things! Have you gained the wisdom of man?” The master finished his scolding and shouted, “Men, come and drag these two donkeys to the slaughterhouse!”
When the two donkeys heard this, they immediately fainted.

In this world, not everything can come from imitation, especially wisdom. Only through continuous innovation can we accumulate the capital to conquer others. However, some people in this world often do something similar to what the donkey did in the story. They like to “follow the trend,” like to imitate, but do not think, in the end, not only do not get all envied but lose themselves.

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